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Ever stop to think about the things you used to complain about when you were younger? How about just last year?

As a born and raised Midwesterner I definitely did my fair share of complaining. When we started applying to jobs outside of Ohio I was beyond excited at the thought of getting the heck out of there. Don’t get my wrong, I am proud of how I was raised and I’ll hold steadfast to some of those midwestern ways.

It’s just funny when the things you think you’ll never miss become the ones you miss the most.

A Midwesterner’s Miss List
  • The Snow – Yes, I know…you’re confused. I live 20 minutes from beautiful sandy beaches and I’m complaining about missing the snow!? I think I found my love for the snow when we moved to Philadelphia and I could walk in it. There is something about the big white flakes falling in between the skyscrapers and covering the peaks of the old architecture. I can’t say I miss trying to not slide past my driveway on good ole’ Leeper Perkins Rd in Marysville Ohio much.
  • Saying ‘Pop’ and not being looked at like I’m some alien from another planet. Seriously people, I won’t adjust. I am putting my foot down. It’s pop or soda, you’ve heard it so don’t act like you haven’t. I try to just say coke now…but in this area who knows what that could get you into.
  • Fireflies – Seriously though? Do fireflies not live anywhere else besides the midwest? I haven’t seen one in years and the inner child in me is crying. The way they light up the fields across from our house in Ohio is breathtaking and you’re all missing out.
  • Bonfires – The smell, the company, the marshmallows. We never lost our bonfires in our move to Philly due to the beer gardens filled with them. We will see some bonfires down here come January at a few local spots, but nothing like being bundled up in a blanket with your closest friends in someone’s backyard or at Frankford Hall in Fishtown with a stein bigger than your head.
  • Fall – Okay, so this one we definitely expected to miss. Somehow it does get cold here in northern Florida, even into the 30s at night come January/February…but we never get fall. One day the trees are all green, the next morning you wake up and they are bare. There are no amber hues, no beauty…it just all dies. It gets too cold to go to the beach and swim, so whats the point?! AND boot season is basically non-existent and that hurts the inner depths of my soul.

Over the last few months I had a coworker who was from the midwest and in conversations at our workplace it was funny how many things were picked up on that apparently were midwestern sayings. It was kind of nice to have someone on my side to defend our childhood, but also funny to see the differences it makes to be raised in different parts of the US.

I’m definitely finding myself homesick. It seems around this time of year, every year, it is a little harder to be away. I can almost smell the All American Quarter Horse Congress. Unfortunately, this year I won’t be making my trip home in October as I have my surgery scheduled. But you better bet that means a longer trip next year!

I guess I’m feeling a bit nostalgic. A bit jealous of all the cozy sweater photos I am seeing pop up on my news feeds. Reflecting on the silly things I miss about Ohio, but being thankful for the experiences I’ve been given. Take some time to reflect, you never know what you’ll find.

I’ll shut up and go to the beach now.

i hear it’s sunnier…


Written by Mackenzie
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