Goals quote
Goals. #goals. Goalz. GOALLLLLLL.

No matter how you put it, they’re important. Goals.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I left my job a few weeks ago because it wasn’t helping me work towards my overall career goals. It was just a placeholder while I’m here in Pensacola. I was working all day and coming home exhausted. I had stopped pushing myself to write or work on this blog as much as I had intended. I stopped working towards my certificates. Basically I lost all motivation to do much anything else besides make dinner and then plant myself on the couch. It was time to refocus.

I knew I needed to make sure to set goals to keep myself motivated and moving forward. Lists are always a favorite of mine…my OCD self lovesss list and she isn’t afraid to admit it. Personal and professional in nature, I am trying to get some of these checked off before my surgery next month. So here goes nothing!

  • Hootsuite Social Marketing Training and Certificate
  • Yoast SEO Certificate
  • Google Digital Garage Certification
  • Complete the Google Analytics Academy
  • Freelance Content – locally + online web hubs
  • LinkedIn – learn more, use more, and stay active
  • Gym Time – 5 days a week at Planet Fitness and I’m already killing it
  • DIY floating canvas frames for my Poppop’s paintings (DIY post coming soon!)
  • Refinish Mom’s Lane cedar trunk (This is a Josh goal as well, as we work to make our furniture more us)

Some of these will obviously be more time consuming than others, but I think these are very reasonable goals to work on over the next 6-8 months. I’m feeling really good about all of these things.

I strongly recommend making lists, setting goals, and crushing the hell out of them. I’ve found myself off track a few times in the past year and a half and I’m about to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

It’s also important to note that sometimes goals won’t always get accomplished. Sometimes a goal can and should fall wayside. It’s super important to not get discouraged and just keep crushing the ones you can and are passionate about. Writing them down, holding yourself accountable, and reminding yourself of them daily is a sure fire way to keep moving on the right track.

What does your goal list consist of? Do you have one? I think you do.

i hear it’s sunnier…

…when your crushin’ the hell out of some goals!


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