Billow Roll Pillow and Mackenzie
If you haven’t heard yet… I’m the self proclaimed Pillow Fortress Queen!

I spent months before my preventative mastectomy figuring out the best possible option for comfort during my recovery. I scoured the interwebs looking for tips and pointers from other women who’d had mastectomies. I took some advice from them and then I whipped out my famous Tetris skills – seriously Josh calls me the Tetris queen. Perhaps packing my old VW Bug from college, or my now 2-door Kia Forte to move us across the country has something to do with it.

This product review comes from the boobs… I mean the heart. It goes out to a company called Billow Global. Also to brag about the lovely Breastie I’ve had the pleasure to connect with, Marnie the creator of this rockin’ pillow. Check out her products, she has multiple other pillows that are geared towards helping women sleep comfortably after mastectomies, breast reconstruction, and other breast pain and issues.

The Billow Roll Pillow

Where to start?

When my billow roll pillow arrived I saw the love and care that went into the product in its wrapping. It was neatly wrapped in tissue paper with a lovely note from Marnie. When I removed it from a mesh casing and felt the satin it was one of those sensory moments where I immediately pulled it close to me.

Billow Pillow Packaging

The quality of this pillow goes above and beyond. It is made from long strand silk, it’s naturally hypoallergenic, and it is encased in 100% mulberry silk.

I first used the roll pillow with the after surgery recommendation versus side sleeping. I have been slowly removing pillows that are propping me upright. This was perfect behind my neck in addition to my u-shaped pillow. It gave my head a little extra support so I didn’t feel as though I was laying completely flat. Not to mention resting your cheeks on the silky goodness is a fabulous feeling. #pampered

Mackenzie and Billow Roll Pillow

Since, I have also tried it out in the sideways position and it fits and forms perfectly between my newly constructed breasts. I also really like that it comes down as far as my abdominal scar as the little bit of pressure and safety is comforting.

While I’m mostly sleeping on my back, my husband laughs and says he wakes up to me holding it directly on top of me, kind of clutching it. I’m not going to lie, it’s my new security blanket. I sit with it across my lap on the couch when working and sleep with it at night. Heck I’m currently thinking about checking my bag for my trip to NYC for the CancerlandAna Ono Fashion show just so that I can take it with me.

I give the Billow Roll Pillow 2 thumbs up, 5 gold stars, 100 rotten tomatoes… wait is that not how it works?

i hear it’s sunnier…

…when your security blanket isn’t a blanket at all…

…but rather a Billow Pillow!

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