Well, hello there!

Mackenzie here. Just a born and raised Ohio midwesterner exploring the country, eating all the food, and making one big step after another.

i hear it’s sunnier started to tell the story of our move from our hometown of Columbus, Ohio to Philadelphia. I shared our apartment search, our adjustment to city living, and ohh all the cheesesteaks I could. However – I lost the motivation a bit as we settled into our new lives.

When my husband was accepted to flight school with the USCG we were beyond thrilled – but moving to Pensacola Florida wasn’t really in my heart. We moved – have had an interesting year and a half, with only six months left to go I’m counting it down. I want so badly to get back to a city…i hear it’s sunnier in Philadelphia.

However – I found my motivation and direction when I received a BRCA1+ genetic test result in December of 2016. I had battled for 3 years to get the damn test – after losing my Mother to her 5 year battle with Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

By January – i hear it’s sunnier was transformed into a .com and not a free blog platform. From there, my preventative surgery journey began. Posts ranged from military life, foodie posts, to consultation stories and preparation lists as I prepared to have a Prophylactic Bilateral Mastectomy and DIEP Flap reconstruction to lower my 87% chance of breast cancer down to less then 2%.

Through my BRCA journey I have met many wonderful women, feeling alone, with questions, and looking for support. I want to ensure each woman OR man (yes, BRCA doesn’t discriminate) doesn’t have to face this genetic mutation alone. There are many paths and options out there for Previvors and I’m here to support whatever decision you make, if that’s preventative surgical options then I’m your girl, if I don’t have an answer we’ll figure it out – ask and research.

i hear it’s sunnier when you know your health options and become your own advocate.

mackenzie before mastectomy photo shoot

couple in front of ben franklin bridge


Home, Ohio [no THE needed]
Philadelphia [seriously, I only put it second to not upset Ohio, we all know where it stands]
Horses [Spec, specifically]
Animals [in general, in specific, Posie & Jackson]
Family [this husband of mine, and both my teeny family and his big crazy one]
Friends  [seriously, I’ve got some pretty amazing ones]
Advocacy [no one should have to go through something so big alone + everyone should know their options]
Food [I don’t discriminate & will try anything once]
Architecture & Interior Design [anything to do with apartment & home hunting]
Tech & Design [geeky, but a great website makes my heart happy]
Memories [capturing them, reminiscing over them]